Power through my pain

Parental separation isn’t uncommon. In fact, it’s more than common. And it’s understandable; nobody expects you stay in a hostile and difficult relationship. But surely, leaving behind your children is extreme and downright unforgivable?!
A child is in no way responsible for the actions of the parents, and should in no circumstance feel pressured into choosing a side. But what should happen and what actually happen are two entirely different things…a fact I unfortunately came across the hard way.

When leaving a relationship, I have no doubt it’s extremely difficult to feel replaced by a new woman. But as a child, as a daughter, it’s pretty much unbearable to know that your “dad”no longer wants you. It’s impossible to imagine that he doesn’t think about you anymore, that his emotions have completely shut off, at least where you’re concerned. It’s pretty confidence shattering, actually.   

You start to believe that maybe it was you, maybe you did something wrong? Maybe you disappointed him? Or maybe you just weren’t good enough? And you become so consumed with your own self doubt it’s almost as if you’re drowning in it. 

 But there’s two ways you can look at it..? You can sit and grieve for the loss of some selfish excuse of man you used to call “dad”, or you can move on. You can give everything you have, to be the best you possibly can be, and you can show him exactly what he’s missing out on. You can prove that you are able and fully capable of making it without him.

And when you accept that you don’t really need him so much after all, your self doubt is replaced by overwhelming self belief. The power of your future is fully in your hands, and you should never allow anyone (not even parents) to prevent or discourage you from being who you want to be.